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Welcome to Agape Community Services   (the Agape Society)

We strive to help people help themselves in our local community.  Based in New Westminster the Agape Society is a non-profit agency that has been operating for over 30 years.  Our particular focus is on youth.  In our latest project we have partnered with the Lower Mainland Purpose Society to help youth gain the necessary skills to achieve independent living.  Please refer to other pages on the website for more details about us, our partner and our project.


Our Vision and Goals

Grounded in the inherent worth and dignity of all people, we envision a world where each person is free to achieve their full potential, supported by and contributing to the community.  Recognizing the complex web of layers that inhibit such flourishing in current societal dynamics, we endeavour: (a) to provide preventive solutions, trying to assist people before they are caught in downward-spiraling dynamics; and (b) to provide remedial services that allow youth who are motivated to progress, to have access to the support and skills to help them succeed and lead stable, productive lives.


We welcome comments and suggestions on our work, as well as ideas of other areas we might become involved in, people we could liaison with, and so on. 


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