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Agape Community Services, commonly referred to as the Agape Society, has been Incorporated since 1974.  It was created to address social issues within the community (primarily New Westminster, although it could be anywhere within B.C.) with a special concern for youth.  The members of the Society consist of any member in good standing belonging to the Community of Christ in B.C.  It is directed by a set of volunteer Board Members.  There is no paid staff.

While the members come from a religious institution, the objectives of the Agape Society are completely non-religious - they are to help people help themselves achieve a fuller sense of dignity and worth and fulfilling role within society.  This is accomplished by partnering with other organizations to help provide the necessary resources.  Currently our primary resource is the Agape house in New Westminster.  It allows a secure and stable housing environment while the necessary skills are developed.


Agape Home - Address and Picture

We operate the Agape Home, located at 929 10th St., New Westminster, B.C.  See Project details for more information.


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